Senior OBA Preview 2017

Tournament Dates – Sept 1st to Sept 3rd
Below is each draw, which includes the 2016 Champion and Runner up, along with the league each team plays in. Best of luck to all teams in 2017!
Senior League List:
SWBL – Southwestern Baseball League

TVSBL – Thames Valley Senior Baseball League

NDBA – Niagara District Baseball Association

OSBA – Ontario Senior Baseball Association

NDBL – North Dufferin Baseball League

WCBA – Western Counties Baseball Association

ECSL – Essex County Senior League

SCSL – Southern Counties Senior League
Senior AA – Host: Kendal

2016 Champion / Runner Up – Exeter Express / New Lowell Knights
BYE – Peterborough (OSBA)

Exeter Express (SWBL) v Port Hope Flyers (OSBA)

Vaughn Vikings (OSBA) v Clarington Cubs (OSBA)

Kincardine Cubs (TVSBL) v Kendal Eagles (OSBA)

Niagara Falls Expos (NDBA) v New Lowell Knights (NDBL)

Aurora Jays (NDBL) v Ivy Leafs (NDBL)

Senior A – Host: Corunna

2016 Champion / Runner Up – Ivy Leafs / Tecumseh Thunder A
Oakridge Reds (SWBL) v Corunna Giants (WCBA)

Merritton Alliance (NDBA) v Fort Erie Cannons (NDBA)

Courtright Cardinals (WCBA) v Creemore Braves 

Tecumseh Thunder A (ECSL) v Ivy Rangers (NDBL)
Senior B – Host: Port Lambton

2016 Champion / Runner Up – Merritton Alliance / Harrow Blues 
Welland Chiefs (NDBA) v Mitchell Astros (TVSBL)

Woodslee Orioles (ECSL) v Rose City Thorns (NDBA)

Mississauga Orioles (OSBA) v Harrow Blues (ECSL)

Lisle Astros (NDBL) v Wyoming Cattlebarons (WCBA)

Port Lambton Pirates (WCBA) v Midland Indians (NDBL)

Clearview Orioles (NDBL) v Amherstberg Cardinals (ECSL)

Senior C – Host: Forest

2016 Champion / Runner Up – Amherstberg Cardinals / Port Lambton Pirates
Port Dover Sailors (SCBL) v Petroila Raiders (WCBA)

Barrie Angels (NDBL) v London Tecumsehs (LDBA)

Forest Dragons (WCBA) v Thorold Fantoms (NDBA)

Simcoe Giants (SCSL) v Dresden Bulls (WCBA)

St Catharines Cobras (NDBA) v Listowel Legionnaires (TVSBL)

Essex Yellow Jackets (ECSL) v Bolton Dodgers (NDBL)


2017 Lakeside Tournament Preview


IBL Quarter Season Update

img_6186By Blake Stepien
We are only slightly past the quarter-way point of the Intercounty Baseball League (IBL) season, but already we have seen a fair share of blowouts, pitcher’s duels and outstanding individual performances. Here is a breakdown of each team’s season to date:


Barrie Baycats (10-0)

​The three-time reigning champs are back at it again this year as they began their season and their winning games in every way possible. They are winning the close games, they are winning the blowouts. Their excellent offensive attack this season can be credited for constantly producing enough to win, as the Baycats pitching staff has had an up and down season up to this point. Claudio Custudio has been the lone qualified pitcher to out-perform expectations for the Baycats this season, as a majority of their big names have struggled (by their standards) to this point. The Baycats hold the highest team batting average in the IBL at .335, to go along with 13 team home runs and 107 runs scored vs. 57 (49 earned) against. Although they have not faced the London Majors to this point due to a couple of rainouts, they boast at least 1 win against every other team in the league already, proving their utter dominance in the first quarter of the season.


Individual Statistics Leaders:

Average (among qualified hitters): Ryan Spataro- .525

OBP (among qualified hitters): Ryan Spataro- .627

Home Runs: Jordan Castaldo- 3

RBIs: Jordan Castaldo- 17


Wins: Brett Lawson- 3

ERA (among qualified pitchers): Claudio Custudio- 0.00

Strikeouts: Emilis Guerrero- 20

Innings Pitched: Emilis Guerrero- 24.0


Brantford Red Sox (2-9)

After a decade of fielding outstanding teams on an annual basis, early results this season suggest that the Red Sox have finally taken a step back in the IBL. The two wins they have accumulated up to this point have come against fellow strugglers in the Guelph Royals and Burlington Herd (formerly Burlington Bandits). However, this record may be misleading as the Red Sox currently boast a 2-6 record in games decided by 2 runs or less. Through this stretch, the pitching and hitting units have each seen some good individual performances. However, neither unit has been able to provide that extra amount of grit required to come out as winners in such close games. Look for Brantford to begin coming out on top in some of these games as they begin their climb to .500 in the 2nd quarter of the season.

Individual Statistics Leaders:

Average (among qualified hitters): Ricky Murray- .364

OBP (among qualified hitters): Ricky Murray- .451

Home Runs: Chris Dennis, Dan Jagdeo- 3

RBIs: Chris Dennis, Dan Jagdeo- 13


Wins: Tyler Soucie, Charlie Sobieraski- 1

ERA (among qualified pitchers): Matt Betts- 2.92

Strikeouts: Tyler Guindon- 11

Innings Pitched: Matt Martinow- 15.0


Burlington Herd (3-8)

​After beginning the season 0-7, the Herd have finally appeared to have found some momentum rattling off 3 wins (their first 3 of the season) from June 8th-10th, before ultimately falling to Barrie on June 11th. The Herd have had some excellent pitching performances, as well as some that were quite the opposite. Rich Corrente has been an excellent addition to the Herd, as he currently boasts a 1.12 ERA in 24 innings pitched. Christian Hauck (2.61) and Adam Prashad (2.89) also boast ERAs under 3.00 to provide a decent trio of pitchers to work with on any given night (although Corrente and Prashad have been starting for the most part). The offence has been led by Justin Gideon who is having his finest IBL season yet, boasting a .444 average with 7 doubles in 45 at bats. Canice Ejoh has also been a key contributor on the offensive end as he holds a .342 average and 8 RBIs in 38 at bats. Moving forward it will be interesting to see if Burlington trends towards the team that began the season 0-7, or the team that is 3-1 in their last 4.


Individual Statistics Leaders:

Average (among qualified hitters): Justin Gideon- .444

OBP (among qualified hitters): Justin Gideon .528

Home Runs: Canice Ejoh, Ryan Freemantle, Justin Gideon- 1

RBIs: Canice Ejoh: 8


Wins: Rich Corrente, Ryan Beckett, Adam Prashad- 1

ERA (among qualified pitchers): Rich Corrente- 1.13

Strikeouts: Adam Prashad- 23

Innings Pitched: Rich Corrente- 24.0


Guelph Royals (1-11)

​Another tough start for the Royals this season as they have already come out on the losing end of some tough scores. Although their offence has scored 28 runs in their last 4 games, they did not manage to win a single one of these games, as their pitchers once again have not managed to provide what is needed for the Royals to string some wins together. The team features 7 pitchers with ERAs over 10.00, making it difficult to come out on top, even though their offence has been putting up more than enough runs as of late. Moving forward, look for the Royals to experience similar results, unless their pitchers begin to turn it around and get key outs when needed.


Individual Statistics Leaders:

Average (among qualified hitters): Matt Schmidt- .333

OBP (among qualified hitters): Marquis Kidd- .386

Home Runs: Matt Schmidt- 3

RBIs: Matt Schmidt, Marquis Kidd- 9


Wins: Ben Reid- 1

ERA (among qualified pitchers): Matt Vucovich- 5.28

Strikeouts: Ben Reid- 10

Innings Pitched: Adrian Yuen- 17.0


Hamilton Cardinals (1-7)

​After only playing their 2nd game of the season on May 31st due to 5 rainouts in their first 6 scheduled games, the Hamilton Cardinals have struggled out of the gate this season. Collecting only 1 win, coming in the second half of a double header against the Royals, the Cardinals struggled to the tune of a .207 team batting average and an 8.70 team ERA. The Cardinals latest loss came at the hands of the London Majors by a score of 8-7, but besides this game, and a 4-3 loss to the Royals, they have played in very few close games this season. Moving forward look for more of the same from the Cardinals as both the offence and pitching staff are not producing enough to keep them in games.


Individual Statistics Leaders:

Average (among qualified hitters): Greg Marco- .250

OBP (among qualified hitters): Chris Beer- .441

Home Runs: Connor Bowie- 2

RBIs: Connor Bowie- 8


Wins: Jake Foden- 1

ERA (among qualified pitchers): Chris Lazar, Dan Weagle- 7.59

Strikeouts: Chris Lazar- 10

Innings Pitched: Chris Lazar, Dan Weagle- 10.2


Kitchener Panthers (9-2)

​A well-balanced Kitchener Panthers team has jumped out to a 9-2 record this year, with both of their early losses coming at the hands of the Barrie Baycats. Boasting a .322 team batting average as well as a 3.55 team ERA, the Panthers are likely the most balanced team in the IBL this season. Some gaudy offensive numbers have already been put up by the Panthers this year, as Yorbis Borroto is hitting .500, and all-time IBL hits leader Sean Reilly has 8 home runs and 22 RBIs already. On the pitching side, Matt McGovern sports a 1.63 ERA with Mike Schnurr not far behind him at 2.02. Look for the Panthers to continue thrashing teams this season as they come at you with a good attack on both sides of the ball.


Individual Statistics Leaders:

Average (among qualified hitters): Yorbis Borroto- .500

OBP (among qualified hitters): Yorbis Borroto- .600

Home Runs: Sean Reilly- 8

RBIs: Sean Reilly- 22


Wins: Noelvis Entenza, Ian Rendon- 2

ERA (among qualified pitchers): Matt McGovern- 1.63

Strikeouts: Noelvis Entenza- 31

Innings Pitched: Noelvis Entenza- 22.1


London Majors (10-0)

​Pitching is the name of the game for the London Majors, as they currently boast a 2.72 team ERA through 10 games this season. Led by Murilo Gouvea at 0.81, Luis Sanchez at 2.62, and an excellent bullpen, the Majors come at you with series of strong arms every night. Offensively, the Majors have been led by Byron Reichstein with a .375 average and 16 RBIs in just 10 games played. It is important to recognize that the Majors have yet to play either the Baycats or the Panthers, so look out for these matchups to establish exactly who the powerhouse of the IBL this season will be.


Individual Statistics Leaders:

Average (among qualified hitters): Byron Reichstein- .375

OBP (among qualified hitters): Byron Reichstein- .490

Home Runs: Cleveland Brownlee- 4

RBIs: Byron Reichstein- 16


Wins: Luis Sanchez- 4

ERA (among qualified pitchers): Murilo Gouvea- 0.81

Strikeouts: Murilo Gouvea, Luis Sanchez – 31

Innings Pitched: Luis Sanchez- 24.0


Toronto Maple Leafs (6-5)

​The Toronto Maple Leafs have managed to play above .500 ball in the first quarter of the season, thanks in large parge to a decently balanced attack with no glaring weakness, but no outstanding strength either. Offensively they have been led by Ryan White (.355) Jonathan Solazzo (.308), Tyler Hardie (3 home runs, 12 RBIs), and Justin Marra (3 home runs, 12 RBIs). On the pitching end, they have been led by Justin Cicatello who boasts a miniscule 1.39 ERA in 32.1 innings pitched this season. Moving forward, look for this well balanced team to continue around a .500 record, as they have the roster to beat all the bottom-feeders on a regular basis, but perhaps lack the star power to take down the powerhouses.


Individual Statistics Leaders:

Average (among qualified hitters): Ryan White- .355

OBP (among qualified hitters): Ryan White- .500

Home Runs: Tyler Hardie, Justin Marra – 3

RBIs: Tyler Hardie, Justine Marra- 12


Wins: Justin Cicatello- 2

ERA (among qualified pitchers): Justin Cicatello- 1.39

Strikeouts: Justin Cicatello – 16

Innings Pitched: Justin Cicatello- 32.1


Quarter Season Awards

MVP- Sean Reilly (.341 avg, 8 HR, 22 RBI

Cy Young- Muilo Gouvea (2 W, 0.81 ERA, 31 Strikeouts)

Rookie of the Year- Yulexis La Rosa (.432 avg, 1 HR, 6 RBIs)



​Although the Intercounty Baseball League lacks parity, it certainly does not lack excitement. The outstanding quantity of outstanding home grown hitters matched up against the large amount of import pitchers around the league sets the stage for exciting games night-in and night-out. For those that do not frequent IBL games, this league is highly recommended summer entertainment for a very affordable price. The quality of baseball on display in this league is quite simply among the highest you can find in Ontario outside of the Toronto Blue Jays. The first quarter of the season has proven to be as exciting as any other, and the quality of games is only going to go up as teams begin to come into their own as we approach the mid-season point.

OUA Additions/Subtractions


It seems every season the OUA loses a lot of gifted players due to graduation.  The hope in the future is that these great OUA programs and recruit great high school talent to replace the graduates and build for a bright future.  Here are early rumblings of players finishing school and also those who will be entering this fall.  This article is sponsored by SX3 Sports.

Brock Badgers:

Graduating:  RHP Rhys Tapper, DH Dennon Koziol, RHP Adrian Yuen, LHP Jeff Baggaley

Recruited: RHP Evan Lane, RHP Alex Emerson, RHP Jordan Gottlieb


Guelph Gryphons:

Graduating: 1B Matt Forer

Recruited: 1B Matt Carscadden, OF Ryan Freemantle


Laurier Golden Hawks:

Graduating: OF Jonathan Brouse, IF Brandon Washkevic, 1B/DH Adam Shaver, 2B John King, RHP Jake Tougas

Recruited: RHP John Carson, LHP Dustin Plant, OF/RHP Robert Brillinger, OF/RHP Jake Fabregas, LHP Adam Robertson, OF Kai Harris, C Lennon Richards, INF Remington Evelyn, INF/RHP Ryan Fiotakis, RHP Nathan Zimmerman, INF Taka Ryan, RHP Jordan Rapier, 1B/LHP Matthew Schram, RHP/INF Cooper Wismer, RHP Dustin Crocker, 1B/3B WIll Bibbings, INF Chad Meyer


McMaster Marauders:

Graduating: 1B Keith Woodcock



Queens Gaels:

Graduating: RHP Jordan Herbison



Ryerson Rams:

Graduating: RHP Charlie Crabb, RHP Allan Perkins,  RHP Gabe Frano

Recruited: LHP Matt MacDowell, 2B Quinn Collins, SS Phillip Seguin, 1B Aidan Dolan


Toronto Varsity Blues:

Graduating: C/1B Kyle Bowers, RHP Josh Graham



Waterloo Warriors:

Graduating: 3B Michael Clouthier, 2B Don Smith, OF Kyle Thalheimer, OF Cody Engel, IF Chris Bombino, C Haydon Friesen, OF Kyle Balzereit, RHP Ryne Weppler



Western Mustangs:

Graduating: RHP Leo Labine, SS Nolan Anderson, 3B Turner Spears, RHP Ryan Beckett, RHP Ben Fuhrmann, OF Hayden Woodley, RHP Sasha Gerster, RHP Derek Chiu, C Taylor Patterson, 1B Arizona Phoenix



York Lions:

Graduating: RHP/UTIL Mike Asta



SX3 Custom Glove   sx333









OUA Positional Power Rankings

This is the early edition of the OUA positional power rankings.  Please correct me if someone on the list is graduating or if I left off an obvious member as I thought they were graduating.  Here is the list sponsored by Stinger Bat Co.



  1. Tanner Young-Schultz (TOR)
  2. Troy LaCoste (GUE)
  3. Damon Crumplen (WES)
  4. Ryley Davenport (WLU)
  5. Johnny Martino (MAC)
  6. Connor Patterson (WLU)

First Base:

  1. Jeff Martin (WES)
  2. Jeff Hunt (WLU)
  3. Matt Carscadden (GUE)
  4. Blake Stepien (BRO)
  5. Evan Britt (GUE)
  6. Peter Apostolopoulos (RYE)

Second Base:

  1. Adam Odd (TOR)
  2. Matt Legg (BRO)
  3. Don Smith (WAT)
  4. Robert Wolfer (GUE)
  5. Tyler LeBlanc (YRK)
  6. Matt Bowden (WES)


  1. Noah Koffman (BRO)
  2. Lucas DaSilva (MAC)
  3. Royhei Suzuki (TOR)
  4. Stephen Ranalli (YRK)
  5. Robbie Cant (WLU)
  6. Luke Whitehouse (GUE)

Third Base:

  1. Gabriel Nakonechny (TOR)
  2. Nick Interisano (GUE)
  3. Austin O’Boyle (QUE)
  4. Jaiden Hill (BRO)
  5. Eric Beauchesne (WES)
  6. Matt Voight (WLU)


  1. Justin Gideon (BRO)
  2. Andrew Warner (WES)
  3. Brad Bedford (TOR)
  4. Ryan Freemantle (GUE)
  5. Michael Campagnolo (MAC)
  6. Tyler Nakamura (BRO)
  7. Matt Plut (QUE)
  8. Jake Chiaravalle (MAC)
  9. Mason Copeland (GUE)
  10. David Panchyshyn (WES)
  11. Dan Apostoli (WLU)
  12. Jesse Fishbaum (RYE)


  1. Christian Hauck (WLU)
  2. Chase Porter (BRO)
  3. Graham Tebbit (Tor)
  4. Stephen Gade (WAT)
  5. AJ Padmore (WLU)
  6. Kyle Symington (WLU)
  7. Dustin Godden (WES)
  8. Alex Lamont (WES)
  9. Will Langford (QUE)
  10. Sam Salemi (GUE)
  11. Alex Nolan (BRO)
  12. Quinn Cumming (RYE)
  13. Mitch Over (GUE)
  14. Kenny Noguchi (MAC)
  15. Austin Hassani (WLU)
  16. Derek Zwolinski (BRO)
  17. Devin Burns (QUE)
  18. Nate Kramer (GUE)
  19. Mateos Kekatos (TOR)
  20. Jordan Inkol (GUE)


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NCBL Week 1 Results 

NCBL [National Capital Baseball League]The 2017 NCBL season finally started on May 16th after the Ottawa area experienced flooding, effectively cancelling all pre-season games and most practices. Even after the city opened the fields, we had a couple cancelations due to malfunctioning lights on Opening Day. Throw in some more rain late in the week and the long weekend and we are left with 11/37 teams still yet to start their season. 26 teams were able to shake off the rust and get some action in.

Tier 1

SAMBAT Performance of the Week

Jeff Skelhorne-Gross (Kingston Ponies) > On May 17th, Jeff led the Ponies to an opening day 7-7 tie by going 3 for 4, with 3 runs, an RBI, a double, triple and 2 stolen bases.  

Only 3 games were played in week 1, with the premier mathchup being the Kingston Ponies (4 straight pennants) locking up in a back and forth game with the Nepean Brewers (2 straight playoff championships) Neither team really deserved to win, and a 7-7 tie was most appropriate on this night.

Meanwhile, the Metcalfe Mudd made their return to Tier 1 losing a close one to the Kanata Athletics, and then the Brewers beat the A’s later in the week to round out the action.

Player of the Week Honourable Mentions

➢ Ross Graham (Ponies) – 2/3, double, 3 RBI

➢ Jamie Fitzgerald (Brewers) – 3/3, double, 3 RBI, 2 runs, walk

➢ Jamie Fitzgerald (Brewers) – 3/5, 2 doubles, 3 runs, RBI

➢ Greg Elliott (Mudd) – 2/3, double, RBI plus 3 IP, 1 hit,1 K,


Tier 2

MAXBAT Performance of the Week

Hugues Petrin (Cardinals) > On May 18th, Hugues went 2 for 4, with 2 RBI, a triple and a run scored.

Only 1 game was played in week 1 with the Cardinals beating the Outlaws 7-2.

Tier 3

RONA Performance of the Week

Frank Sabourin (Red Sox) > On May 17th, Frank went 2 for 4, with 3 RBI, a home run, and 2 runs.

There were 5 games played, with 10/11 teams each playing once, with the defending pennant winners the only team not to play yet. Defending playoff champs, the Sharks, walked off the Lumberjacks, The Rockets barely squeezed by the Orioles (returning after a year hiatus), the Black Sox and Dukes each winning close ones and the Red Sox with the only blow out.

Player of the Week Honourable Mentions

➢ Jon Bowes (Red Sox) – 4.66 IP, 4 hits, 1 ER and 11 K’s, win.

➢ Dave Rivers (Dukes) – 1 for 2, run, RBI, walk plus 3.66IP, 3 hits, 5 K’s, save.

Tier 4

ZERO K BATS Performance of the Week

Chris Embury (Heat) > On May 19th, in the franchises first ever game, Chris went 3 for 5 with 4 RBI, a double, a triple, and SB along with a run scored.

In the 6 games that got played, 5 were blowouts! The only close one being Team Cuba opening their season with a 4-2 win over the Braumeisters. The Vampiros, Lynx, Bandits, Cuba and the new Winchester Heat all found themselves on the right end of blowouts. While the Heat enjoyed success in their first ever game, the other expansion team, The Naturals, fell 12-2 and 15-5 in their first 2 games.

Player of the Week Honourable Mentions

➢ Alex Diaz (Cuba) – 3 for 4, RBI, triple, SB

➢ Alex Diaz (Cuba) – 2 for 2, 2 walks, 2 runs, double, 2 SB

➢ Enriquez Yuraldis (Cuba) – 3 for 4, 2 RBI, 2 runs

➢ Matt Hagen (Vampiros) – 3 for 4, 3 RBI, run, double

➢ Ron Hall (Vampiros) – 2 for 3, RBI, walk, 3 runs, double, SB

➢ Augustine Kwok (Lynx) – 2 for 4, RBI, 2 runs, 3 SB

➢ Travis Rath (Bandits) – 1 for 2, 2 RBI, 2 runs, 3 BB, 2 SB