Stratford launches their 2018 Season Ticket drive today

The group trying to return the Statford Hillers back to the Intercounty Baseball League officially launched their 2018 season ticket drive earlier this morning via their facebook page. hillers-season

To our knowledge, the Intercounty has not approved their franchise application as of yet  so this may be an effort to show the league they are serious about returning a la Las Vegas Knights season ticket drive last year before formally being awarded a franchise by the NHL.

The Hillers group  are also selling the IBL Road pass separately from the season ticket pass which is normally included in the pricing of a season pass in  the other 7 IBL cities (Toronto does not charge admission so it does not offer the Road Pass Program)

No payment is required until January 2018  and they can be purchased via email  at






Intercounty welcomes new owners for 2017



The calendar reads December 1st,  and there is baseball news to report (Sorry it’s not Edwin re-signing with the Jays or taking the money and the tax break in Houston)

According to anonymous sources and pending league approval by the board of directors there are two new owners in Brantford and in Burlington.